(GCETM) 2014

June 23-26, 2014


Hosted by

Istanbul Technical University

June 23-26, 2014

Management Faculty
Istanbul Technical University - Macka Campus
Istanbul, Turkey

The world is transforming at an unprecedented rate and companies’ efforts to turn themselves into better competitors in the emerging world are attracting growing attention across the globe. The GCETM 2014 will shed light on the role of engineering and technology management in this endeavor.

The GCETM 2014 is a highly anticipated conference due to the popularity of the fields. The GCETM is set to become an exciting event with the potential for continued growth throughout the years. The GCETM will be a forum for academics, managers and solution providers, which brings together researchers and practitioners from all over the world, promoting opportunities to share experiences, debate ideas, identify tendencies, and introduce the latest developments in the largely multidisciplinary fields of Engineering & Technology Management. This will be accomplished through the following three modes of communication: keynote presentations, parallel sessions, and poster sessions. This is especially important since these fields can largely benefit from increased collaboration.

The GCETM 2014 will be held at Istanbul Technical University, Management Faculty, Macka Campus on June 23-26, 2014. Istanbul Technical University prides itself on being the third oldest university in the world.

Istanbul is the only city in the world built on two continents. Its rich history has given it a multitude of museums, historical buildings and mosques, Byzantine churches and Roman aqueducts. This exciting venue is alive with the hustle and bustle of business and trade which for centuries has made it a vital trading hub between east and west. Straddling Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the largest and most monumental city in Turkey, and is a melting pot of cultures which mix harmoniously on both sides of a city split geographically by the Bosphorus strait. This bustling city is home to over 13 million people, and from 23 to 26 June 2014, will also be home to the GCETM 2014.

A selection of GCETM 2014 Istanbul conference photos can be find here...